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Agrat was the first mate fox for Rackorg Vinn on the ship, Bloodhelm. He was an ambitious fox, and longed for a ship of his own. Vinn told the fox that he could have the ship that Wengle and his friends and family were on, Rosalie, after the corsairs attacked and took it, but the ship was accidentally destroyed. After Vinn deafeated Kovra Silverfang and took his larger ship, Stormshark, the weasel offered the Bloodhelm to Agrat, but the fox wisely refused, seeing the folly of double-crossing Rackorg Vinn. When they reached the shores of eastern Mossflower, the ship was put to shore and Vinn placed Agrat in charge of the Stormshark while he was away. The fox immediately took charge of the ship as captain and started to put out to sea. While he was doing so, the oar-slaves of the ship escaped with the leadership of Riddy, and Agrat was killed by a chain thrown by the shrew in the small battle that ensued.

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