Binesteel is an extremely strong metal and is pure black in color. The only metal that is known to be stronger than it is the metal that the sword of Martin the Warrior is made from. It is only found in a certain part of the Northern Mountains in a mine owned by a family of badgers. Cluny the Scourge heard about the powerful metal and tried to get some for his horde, but the badgers drove him out. Cluny was so angry that he had his horde chew and hack at the wooden posts of the mine, collapsing it onto it's owners.

Binesteel then became a legend among warlords and chieftains, but none had ever found the hidden mine. Until Morfelg Bloodskull and his sister Skarva found it and took the famed metal for themselves.

Binesteel was created by Verminfate and does not exist in Jacques' own stories. The idea may be used by other users for fan fictions.

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