DarkFang Armoured

DarkFang, a former member of the clan.

The EbonyClaws are an ancient clan of warriors and assassins. They were founded a century before the events of Mossflower, and by the time of those events. Their area was far from Mossflower, taking at least a year to get there. There were mountains, and it snowed often. Brutus(see below) started a tournament to determine if he could conquer an area. Every year, there was a tournement between different areas to fight for the survival of their

Ares, a member of the clan

homes. If they lost ten times in a row, they were conquered by Brutus' unstoppable army.


Tamus: The most recent ruler. Very brutal and violent. Was also intelligent, but very arrogant. Element: Dark Magic. Age: Thirty two seasons.

Solanum: Brutus' younger brother. Also very violent, and suffered from Bloodwrath. One direct hit from his gauntlet could shatter a ferret's skull. Elemnt: Fire. Age: Twenty four seasons.

DarkFang: Another brother of Brutus. Quiet and reserved. Amazing design

Brutus' helmet

er. Left clan. Element: Shadow/Phantom. Age: Even he doesn't know.

Skarlet: Youngest of the royals. Element:Blood. Age: Sixteen seasons.


All of Brutus' army wore very powerful armor. However, they could not be beaten because of one reason. They all had an amulet on their chests. As soon as they were killed, the amulet resurrected them.

List of SorcerersEdit

Tamus' sorcerors use phantom powers, though they call it sorcery. Their helmets and armor were fused to their bodies in a painful operation. Their gauntlets have retractable claws.


The leader of the sorcerers. Has limited power over time, life, and fire. Specialises

Rayven ready for battle

in necromancy.

Time: He can temporarily slow time.

Life: Can drain the life from an opponenet.

Fire: Can infuse his spear with fire.

Necromancy: Can resurrect people in a huge radius and make them fight for him.


Has powers of souls and magma.

Souls: Drains a persons powers then uses them himself.

Magma: Can blast magma skulls from his hands or the ground.

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