A basket hilted claymore


A two handed claymore

A claymore is a sword common to the Northern Highlands.

The term mainly refers to the double-pawed longsword, but also can refer to the basket-hilted longswords.

Warriors known to use a Claymore Edit

Redwall Characters Edit

Rakkety Tam MacBurl

Wild Doogy Plumm

Rake Nightfur (dual-wield)

Redwall Fan Fiction Characters Edit

Dell MacBurl

Kiath O'Rallaghaigh (uses a two-pawed claymore)

Tallion O'Rallaghaigh (uses Kiath's blade)

Nightdeath (uses Kiath's blade)


Malachi MacDougall (uses a two-pawed claymore)

Macaulish Longfang

Kriasha Longfang

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