Summary: Slagar believes he is dying and writes an unsent letter to his close friend, Nathan Dewey. Set during the beginning of Jewel of Malkariss. Oneshot.

How odd to think that this letter will never reach you. And if by some miracle it does, I have this to tell you. I'm hurt very badly. Three of my ribs are broken and the pain is excruciating. Somehow, I managed to climb out of the well, and passed out in the hills. I've been taken back to the warlord Darrow the Dark's camp. Come to my bedside, if you can so that we might exchange a few last words. Suprised at how calm I am? Have I changed? Of course not! Jewel, the healer who is taking care of me recently gave me an elixir mixed with poppy seeds. The pain isn't as bad as it used to be, and it's easier for me to breathe without pain. This is all I can say. If I'm dying, I want to tell you you were a good friend. Too good. Find someone else to be with instead of me. No, no you will not inherit any of my slaving money.


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