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White Fox
Place of Origin
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Dakkar became a warlord when his mother, Nortian of Metal, was killed by Kalvar the Ranger. He was fairly close to his mother, and has sought revenge against the Ranger Leader, as Kalvar is trying to do the same to him.

Siege of RedwallEdit

Dakkar brought his whole host of 10,000 vermin to assault Redwall. After being successfully repelled by Kalvar's and his Rangers and hundreds of Redwallers, and finally being drastically wounded in a duel with Kalvar, his second in command, Captain Riptang, moved the army south.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Dakkar is a fox with fur quite devoid of color. He stands slightly taller than most other foxes, and wears a full set of plate mail and wields a tower shield. He usually uses a longsword. They are made of an unknown metal, as no arrow or blade has ever pierced the armor or shield, and nothing has ever broken his sword.

Dakkar does not like slaughtering his officers, as he considers them a useful asset, promoting only those who deserve it. He does not, however, show the same attention to the rank and file grunts.


Very strong. Wields a longsword and wears armor of an incredibly strong metal.


Not a good leader. Tends to make up strategies after getting several hundred of his creatures killed.

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