Swiftflash "Deadeye" Trueshot (Rivershadow)

Swiftflash is a male otter.

Eye color: Light green (except in Bloodwrath)

Place of Origin: A humble cavern in eastern Mossflower

Appearance: Swiftflash's fur is a nice dark brown with a lighter brown in his face going down his throat and belly. He's tall and rather muscular, his arms, legs and rudder are well proportioned. By some he's seen as rather handsome, especially his leafy green eyes. He wears a dark green vest and a lighter green tunic.

A ferret tried to run him through with a spear while he was an otterkit and almost killed him. As a result of the attack, Swiftflash has a deep scar across his chest, visible when he's not wearing his tunic, and mental and emotional scars, including Bloodwrath.

Nickname: "Deadeye", so named because he's an expert shot. He goes by his nickname more often than he does his real name.

Weapons: Swiftflash's weapons are a bow and yellow-flighted arrows and a long-bladed dirk. In Bloodwrath, he'll use his teeth and bare paws as weapons too.

Personality: Where other otters are normally fun-loving, Deadeye's all business because of his past. He's polite, but wary. Deadeye can be quiet and reserved around most beasts, sometimes even to the point of appearing cold and heartless, though he doesn't intend to be.

Backstory: Swiftflash was born in Holt Rivershadow, a former otter holt in the east of Mossflower. Ferrets murdered his family and left him for dead when he was only six years old, causing him to grow up with a blood hatred toward them. The otter can accept that some vermin are good, but never ferrets. After the destruction of his holt, Swiftflash took up his mother's dirk, his father's bow and arrows, and made a blood oath, slicing his paw with the dirk blade as he said the words: "I swear, by your blood and mine, I'll avenge you!" He changed his name to Trueshot and became a roving wanderer.

Age: 16

Affiliation: Rebel

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