Ever wonder what went on inside the head of Slagar's sister, Margaret? Wonder no more!! All will be explained in this one-shot.

April 15th

Mom gave me this diary for my sixteenth birthday. It wasn’t exactly what I wanted- a horse- but that’s okay, I guess. At least I can write down what I’m really feeling here. There are things I can’t even tell Chickenhound, they’re so secret. Like the time I saw Will smoking cigarettes on the porch but didn’t tell because he told me Cluny would get me if I did. I was only seven then, and I believed anything. I don’t even think there’s an actual rat called Cluny, but you never know! And another thing- I know Will hates Chickenhound and me because we’re not entirely his siblings. Not entirely. I don’t know anything about Will’s father- Mom’s first husband other than that his name was Andrew and that he died when Will was around three. Mom and Dad (MY DAD!) are divorced now because they couldn’t agree on anything. That makes me sad and hurt that they did that.

April 19th

Haven’t been able to write for awhile because we’ve been…. Busy. Rumor has it that a warlord and his gang are passing through Mossflower later next month. Will and Chickenhound are going crazy; and I’m not even sure anymore who’s in charge of the household. It should be Will, since he’s older, but he’s looking more and more like a deadbeat criminal lately, and Chickenhound is acting more like a leader, which is pretty crazy since Will’s twenty-six and Chickenhound’s only nineteen. Barely an adult. Even Mom seems to be acting…. Frazzled lately. She’s always asking me to do things for her like “Maggie darling, can you get me another sewing needle? I seem to have misplaced the one I was using.” Or “Maggie, mend that curtain for me while I’m out.” “Maggie, make dinner.” Maggie, Maggie, Maggie! It’s always ME who has to do things, me who has to sew and cook and clean. Why can’t MOM do all those things herself?

May 10th

Not much to write. Will and Chickenhound got into a huge argument over the possible war. It got really ugly after Chickenhound snatched Will’s cigar box and threw it in the lake- WITH ALL THE CIGARS IN IT!!! Now Chickenhound’s getting a lecture from Mom, which is pretty odd to me, since she doesn’t approve of Will smoking anyway.

May 11th

I'm camping out in the attic as I write this. Will and Chickenhound are fighting again and now Mom's gotten into it. Ugh. Things were so much more in-balance when Dad was here....

May 12th

Asked Mom if I could spend the summer with Dad. I don't think I can take one more day of listening to Will and Chickenhound bicker.

May 13th
Got my answer to yesterday's question. Summer with Dad is out. The answer, unfortunately, is no.

May 14th

Went fishing with Chickenhound. It was fun, because we haven't done that since LAST spring. We had a picnic by the lake. I wish every day could be like this; free from responsibilites, free from my older half-brother.... I want more freedom but it doesn't look like I'll get it.

May 29th

Couldn't write as often as I wanted. Things came up. Nothing happened today, so I've got nothing to write here.

May 30th

Will and Chickenhound have stopped arguing and fighting now, but they're still.... Worlds apart. You can see their hatred for each other. It burns like coal inside their eyes. It gives me chills that Chickenhound, who was always so crazy and fun-loving could turn so dark serious and well.... Grown-up within a month.

June 1st

Got yelled at by Mom for wandering into the woods, farther out than I should have gone. "Margaret Elizabeth Whitney!" She fumed when she found me, outside an abandoned-looking cave. "Do you realize I've worried myself sick over you?! I've been looking for you since after lunch! Do you realize how dangerous it is where you are!?! If you took one pawstep into that cave you could have been killed! KILLED, Margaret!" And then she gave me this whole lecture about this evil snake named Asmodeus that supposedly lives inside the cave. I'm not so sure if I believe it. I mean, Asmodeus sounds like a pretty freaky animal, but it's possible that it's just a story used to keep away neighborhood kids. I don't know, and I REALLY don't want to find out.

June 2nd

The rumors about the warlords coming are getting more serious and more intense. If I didn't believe them before, I do now!

June 3rd

There's been whispering about Asmodeus the snake lately. A few young ones have been missing for two days after going into the woods, and they're not back yet. Maybe, just maybe Asmodeus IS real.....

June 4th

Will stole my diary today, but after some persuasion from me I was able to get it back, by saying "Oh, it's nothing interesting. Why would an adult fox like you be interested by something that was written by a sixteen-year-old girl?"

June 5th

Can't believe I've had this diary a month. It feels like only a couple days...

June 19th

It's official. The warlords are here!! I'm terrified out of my mind. Most of the time I'm stuck at home wtih Will, though, because Mom and Chickenhound are usually out. They've got business with the warlords; they say. Anyway, I can't write much more. Chickenhound is home, but he's out hunting. Mom is fixing dinner. Will has offered for me to take a hike with him. I said yes, because I haven't gone outside in weeks because of the arrival of the warlords. This is all I can write. Will says that if I want to go, I had better go now or else not at all. I'll write more when I get back.....

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