Hiram Dorian Strykeclaw was a male wildcat, a goodbeast who got taken as a slave.

Dorian had dark brown fur with light brown tabby stripes, a tall, muscular build and a jagged notch in his right ear from a cutlass blade. His working eye, his right, was like a piece of hardened steel. He usually wore an apple-green-and-black plaid kilt, pine green breeches and a black shirt. His blind eye's covered by an eyepatch.

Personality: A brilliant, sly, fearless cat, he was very responsible and focused. Refusing to accept death as a slave, he's resentful of his captors.

History: Dorian was captured on the Far North Coast in a battle that cost him his eye, his home, his family and his freedom. Since his capture, he was planning his revenge and biding his time for the right moment to strike. He was the husband of Marcail Strykclaw and their unborn kitten, Abaigeal Strykeclaw.

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