Lady Emerald Edit

Emerald O'Rourke was a female squirrel, she had a tall build and emerald-green eyes. Her dark red fur sports battlescars too numerous to count. Anybeast can tell she's a hardened warrior by simply looking at her.

Personality: Emerald's cold, calculating and would murder you as soon as look at you, if you're vermin. In her opinion, vermin are scum that aren't fit to live. Her most noted quote: "Tha oonly place vermin belong es 'ellgates." She prefers to sleep outside in makeshift night dreys she builds in trees, not for safety to herself, but so she can attack any vermin who might be passing underneath her. She never sleeps completely; she closes one eye and leaves the other open. 

Clothes\Armor: A simple forest-green tunic, a woven heather tartan plaid and kilt, a light leather breastplate, helmet and gauntlets, a quick-release dirk sheath strapped to her arm on the inside of her right sleeve. One fast flick of her left paw and the blade slides down her sleeve and into her paw.

Weapons: Longbow and arrows for distance fighting, a long-bladed, silver hilted dirk for close range

History: Emerald was born in the Highlands to Coyle and Cecilia O'Rourke. She lived for seven seasons in peace, first knowing battle at eight seasons. When a band of ermine killed her beloved parents, she vowed revenge. Emerald hunted the enemy down one by one, killing them with her bare paws and teeth and some strangling vine. It took two seasons to complete her quest but she was relentless in the hunt. During this time, the Highland warrior grew hard and more like a wild animal than a civilized beast. She even now prefers to sleep alone outside.

Alignment: Redwall Abbey

Character background Edit

Lady Emerald was originally created for an RP on RWW, The Deathseekers.

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