Enron Swiftstreak

Fur color: Coal-black, except for an odd gray streak running down the center of his back from his neck to his tail, and gray-tipped ears.

Place of Origin: Enron can't remember anything about his family or where he came from; he's trying to find out. The only clue he has to his past is an oddly-shaped amulet he wears on a chain around his neck; a six-pointed metal star set in a circle.

Gender: M

Age: Seven seasons

Weapon (s): Enron uses a heavy bow with red and white-fletched arrows for distance, and a broadsword for close-range.

Scars, birthmarks: Enron spent time aboard a slaving ship. He has scars on his back from whips and scars on his wrists and ankles from chains. He doesn't really like talking about his past, because it brings up bad memories. He got away thanks to two friends who gave their lives for him. Enron doesn't get angry when anybeast asks about his past, he'll apologize and say "I can't bring it up again."

Character created by: WildloughRhulain

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