Esau the Bloodthirsty (Pronounced Izz-how) was a deceased stoat warlord, and #1 enemy of Lupin the Deadly, better known as Lupin the Scourge. When Lupin was a child, he was captured by Esau and forced to work as a slave in his camp.

Notable punishments inflicted on Lupin by Esau are:

  • Forcing Lupin to lick up any drop of liquid that he spilled
  • Being tied to a wooden rail like a dog with no food or water for three days.
  • Claws set alight with strips of bamboo and left untended for days.
  • Being forced to eat vile and distgusting things such as mud.

When Lupin turned sixteen, he was filled with a hideous lust to kill and for revenge, and filled Esau's and his brother-in-law Claude's chalices with wine, mixed with deadly nightshade, killing them both instantly. Lupin escaped from camp that night, and has since continued to be plagued by nightmares and strange visions of the deceased Claude and Esau.

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