Feravel the Banshee
Feravel the Banshee
Feravel's tall stature.
Place of Origin
35 Seasons
Small Sword
Close Combat
Heirloom of a Thief

Feravel is the main antagonist of the fanfiction book Heirloom of a Thief.

==='''Book One: The Team'''=== Edit

Feravel along with Lukas, Zeena, Warptail, Fleabagg were in a battle with Kangon, Shrimpus, Brutus, and Lupe. He told his vermin that the only way to end the war between him and the otters was for Lukas and his trackers were to find the Otter Clan's campsite, report back and lead Feravel and the rest straight to them. Killing the men otters, and enslaving the women and children of the Clan. He sent Lukas on his way and told Zeena to have faith in his most loyal Captain. Back at his castle, Feravel and his Third in Command, Warptail shared a beaker of damson wine, Warptail nonchalantly placed the beaker on top of the wall, this agiated the ferret. Feravel began chewing his second Captain out for carelessly putting the beaker on a place where it could be easily knocked off. Warptail immediately apologized and gave the beaker to his Chief. Later, Feravel was seen in his sleeping quarters, napping. One of his soldiers, Brokejaw guarded him outside the door, while he slept, Zeena told Brokejaw that Feravel's voice had put a strain on his body and she feared that he may lose his voice, never to bellow out war cries again.

==='''Book Two: Newly Alliance'''=== Edit

During the introduction of the second book, he lined up his slaves and prisoners for "Career Day," where the slaves are chosen to do a task, either it be mining, or gardening. He kneeled down and patted a hedgehogbabe on the top of his head.

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