(This version of Finnbarr's fanonized and under construction, he's one of the main characters in a collab novel I'm working on.) - WildloughRhulain

Finnbarr "Jetrock" Galedeep Edit

Finnbarr Galedeep was the son of Masie Galedeep and the husband of Lidora Wavedog. He named his galleon, the Pearl Queen, for her.

"Liddy, you're a queen to me, the pearl of my heart and always will be."- Finnbarr to Lidora

They were the parents of Drock and Jetrock Galedeep.

Later character notes Edit

He told a slavekeeper an intricate lie to keep his true identity hidden, using his youngest son's name as his own. His story had him born on an island to the west that had an active volcano. Most of the land was this volcanic rock, black as jet; when he was born, his fur was that color. He added his mother said she thought it was pretty and she also thought Finnbarr was a girl at first because he was so small.

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