Flandor by Sean Rubin

Flandor Streamdiver was the son of Irea Streamdiver and her husband Cadron Streamdiver, a distant descendant of Drenner Streamdiver.

They used to live in a peaceful little holt in the southeast. But his parents were killed when he was captured and forced into slavery by Vilaya's Ravagers. He thought his elder sister, Ranath, was killed with them too.

He's never given up hope that the High Rhulain will come and rescue him and his fellow captives. The night after they died, Flandor's parents told him in a vision: 'Protect the younger slaves and wait for the Rhulain.'

When he was enslaved, he became good friends with a young badgermaid, Ambrevina Rockflash.

Character appearancesEdit

Flandor appears in The Quean and the Rhulain trilogy.

Character notesEdit

Flandor's first name is copyright of Brian Jacques, this is my interpretation of his character background. I was thinking he'd have had a family who loved him. --Tiria Wildlough Hrusclean Ee aye eeeh!! 21:52, October 7, 2015 (UTC)

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