Galea Blackrudder is a skilled herbalist and seer. Blackrudder's not her real name, her real name's Wavedog. She chooses to go by Blackrudder.

Nickname: Gael

Age: Fifty

Galea is an older otter with coal-black fur and gray eyes. She can see better in her visions than a beast can with normal sight. She wears a long, blue robe and a green seaglass pendant of a running otter on a thong around her neck. For self-defense, she carries an ashwood staff.

Galea was a former Redwaller, but left Redwall Abbey after being unable to save Sabine Wildlough's life. She moved to a small holt in Mossflower after the war because she didn't think she'd be welcomed anywhere else. She's training an apprentice, Swiftrudder. Her nieces are Darcy and Mara Bladerunner.

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