A oneshot explaining just how Slagar got out of the well. Inspired by a suggestion on the JOM talkpage ;)

Slagar stumbled onto his paws, shocked at how lightheaded he felt. Hellsteeth, I feel like I’ve gotten a twice-over from my own switch…. Slagar thought, incredulous as he got up. Lucky for him, the weight of all the dirt thrown in by the Redwallers had forced open the door to Malkariss’s chamber. “Now it’s time to get the heck out of Marshank!” (Author’s Note: In Redwall, ‘getting out of Marshank’ is their equivalent of ‘getting out of Dodge’ XD) Still trembling, Slagar limped out to the door. A dead end. There were no visible signs of escape. Slagar lay down on the floor, cursing at his position. He was injured, weak and about to meet his demise. Slagar looked around him. Fallen rocks were everywhere. Malkariss's statue had had its upper body missing, and now it resembled a half-eaten chocolate Easter bunny, comical, but at the same time still menacing. Slagar winced as he saw a hideous, mutilated paw sticking out from under a rock. Above it there was a tuft of white fur visible, and a single wide-open yellow eye. Malkariss. His dead face seemed to be saying This isn't fair! I was supposed to outlive you, not the other way around! Slagar shuddered and backed off. Then, he saw it…. A small, barely open shaft back to the entrance of the well that had to have been opened by the quake. Grimacing, Slagar got back up and once more forced himself to walk. This time, there was pain when he did so, centered in the middle of his ribcage. At this point, the slaver had finally reached the entrance of the well. A few old wooden rungs still led to the outside world. Slagar gritted his fangs together and began to climb……

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