Species: Rat
Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Unknown, somewhere in the south along the coast
Weapon: Scimitar
Occupation: Slave-driver, Ripfang's second-in-command
Fate: Unknown as of yet

Goregob was a rat in Ripfang's crew on board the Bloodwake. He had lived in a peaceful enviroment in the south until the ship came along and he was press-ganged into the searat's crew. He became quite a good vermin, and trustworthy, so that he eventually earned the rank of second-in-command and Ripfang's slave-driver.

He was sent out with a group of vermin to locate two deserters, a mission in which he was successful, and along the way he located Gonff, Dinny, Log-a-Log Big Club, Scratch, Blacktooth, and Splitnose. The former four he took prisoner (though Log-a-Log and Dinny escaped before long), but when Scratch refused to go with him and his group he killed him. Blacktooth and Splitnose came along willingly enough to join the crew.

Back on board the Bloodwake, he developed a deep emnity for Gonff, who had been added to the ranks of oarslaves, because the mousethief kept tripping him, though he could not find how.

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