It has been many years since I fled my past. I tried to forget, but now it lies in ruins, and its past needs a chronicler. Forgive me for my mistakes, for I am not a scribe.


Chapter 1: The Prelude to the War  Edit

It began around seven years before the Bloodwrath plague.  I was around thirteen seasons old. Our lives were simple, but controlled ones. We were all expected to enlist into the army. As it turned out, I was a pretty good swordsmaiden, but I always snuck out of our training. My skills were honed on the battlefield.

I sat with my two friends, Thorn and Alayna. Our names were simple, as was the tradition in our society. Thorn was a wildcat, normally quiet and reserved, but an expert swordsman when training. Alayna was turning out to be an excellent contortionist. Don't ask me how they found out, but that could be useful if she got captured by any enemies. Mind you, army training is slightly pointless as we have no enemies. Still, I wish we had a little more freedom to do what we wanted. Everything was very strict back then. We went to sleep at sundown; anyone who was caught was severely punished. That didn't stop me though. But it all changed on one winter night.

For once I decided to actually sleep when when I was supposed to, I got caught sneaking out from training, so I had to do

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