Species:  Hare

Gender: Female

Weapon: Though Haunicca can use any weapon, she's a boxing expert, preferring to use her paws in a close range fight.  When she was just a leveret, her mother died. Her father, a former member of the Long Patrol, raised her from that point on. He  knew how to box and taught her how.

Haunicca's attractive, with a lean build, sandy-brown fur and dark green eyes.

Appears in: Streamrunner

She joins Jadrin on her rescue mission, not only because she wants to help, but because she has her own score to settle with Rygar the Ruthless. The wolverine murdered her father in front of her eyes. Haunicca survived because she was downwind of the vermin, hiding in a thick patch of ramsons.

Character background

Martin2 gave the name