Hvelfang the Dread


Hvelfang the Dread



Place of Origin

Dreadrock Monastery




Twin Kusarigama



Hvelfang the Dread is the only binturong shown in Redwall, and the Abbot Primate of Dreadrock Monastery at the time of its discovery by Redwall. He is one of the larger characters in the series, being described as a giant. He is the main villain of Abbeywar.


Hvelfang is an extremely large creature, his apparent size enhanced by the confined space of the tunnels where he dwells. Nonetheless, an estimate of his actual size places him still at slightly larger than a typical badger, and he is undeniably a massive creature. He has dark fur ranging from dark red to brown to black, and particularly large paws, tail and head. He typically walks on two legs, slightly hunched with his arms arched a bit, or sometimes gallops on all four for speed. His tail is extremely strong, as seen when he smashes an opening in the cavern-side with it, and can be controlled like a fifth paw.


Hvelfang was found by the previous generation of Dreadrock "monks" in the desert not far from the Monolith, beaten by the storm and drifting in and out of fevered dreams and consciousness. Determining that he was not worth saving, they left him in the storm, and went back to the monastery. The next morning, when the guards at the cavern entrance did not return to change shifts, one of the "monks" was sent to check on them, and found that Hvelfang had dragged himself the way the monks had gone and entered the cavern, and slain the guards before collapsing. Realizing that he could be a valuable asset if "converted", they nursed him back to health and trained him as a warrior-monk of Dreadrock. After becoming a skilled warrior, he also became a devote follower of their sacrificial and strict ways, and rose through the hierarchy, eventually killing the previous Abbot Primate for the position.



  • Hvelfang's name is derived both from a portmanteau of the english words hell and fang, and from the Icelandic word for cavern, hvelfing.

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