This is the story of Darkstar, the adoptive brother of Kakashi Garalun, the son of Lock Uril-Galidur. PLEASE NOTE!!: It may take awhile for me to update..soooo, you've been warned-ded!!

Prologue: Memories Edit

The handsome, black furred fox stared off into the distant horizon as the sun slowly set beyond the hills. He had just stopped for the night in a cave along a line of cliffs. I'll have to climb these to get to my destination.. he looked down at the three wooden coins in his paw, his fire cast a merry light on them. Upon the three coins were the carved portait busts of a mouse, badger and vixen. he dropped the mouse and badger carelessly, staring hardly at the vixen, speaking aloud to it, "I'm sorry I couldn't be there to help you, nya melda. But I have avenged you with my blade," he looked up at the large Zweihander leaning agains the wall. The blade almost seemed like it was taunting him, but then at the same time, longing to be closer. He looked back down at the coin, "All I have left of you are my memories now, nya melda."

He clutched it tightly, "And the blood of the creatures that took you from me!!"

Chapter 1 Edit

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