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Jadrin Streamrunner

Name pronounciation: Jadd-renn

Animal: Otter

Place of Origin: Originally Holt Streamrunner; Redwall Abbey

Gender: Female

Age: Weapon: Sling (originally her father's weapon)

Scars, birthmarks: As the story begins, Jadrin doesn't have any scars, just her birthmark, a small, irregularly-shaped patch of dark brown fur on her rudder

Death: N/A

Books: Appears in Fan Fiction: "Streamrunner"; tells the story

Jadrin is a pretty maid with tan fur, emerald-green eyes and a lean, muscular build. She usually wears sandals with a green short-sleeved tunic and matching kilt. She gets a light green novice's habit when she goes to the Abbey.

Jadrin's the eldest daughter of Brookflash and Radlar Streamrunner. Born in a small holt near where St. Ninian's used to stand in Mossflower, Jadrin's known nothing but a peaceful life since she was an otterkit. But one day, all that changes for her.

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