Jessandra Verdon Saberclaw- Her family and friends call her by her nickname, "Jessie."

Animal: Wildcat

Jessandra has a lean, muscular build, light gray fur with darker gray tabby stripes and emerald green eyes. She has a strong highland accent. She can swim, though she doesn't really like to.

Place of Origin: Northern Mountains

Gender: Female

Age: Seven Seasons

Death: N/A

Books: Appears in Fan Fiction: "Saberclaw," tells the story

Weapon(s): Jessie has four chosen weapons: She uses three blades for close range fighting and a sturdy sling for distance use. Her chosen blades are a double-pawed claymore (the hilt's strapped with hard white leather and has an emerald pommel stone), a small Sgian Dhu and a long dirk.

Lord Cailean Saberclaw gave his claymore to his daughter as a gift before he was murdered.


1: A spear hit her in the back, leaving a long, jagged scar.

2: After Shadowfur stabbed her father, he scratched her clan's name into her left forearm with a claw, telling her, "His death was your fault. This is a permanent reminder of your failure."

Clothes: Jessie wears a green-and-white checkered kilt, a white tunic, a green kerchief tied around her neck, sturdy sandals, and a green cloak emblazoned with her clan's crest:

Saberclaw Crest: The clan crest is five wildcats standing together side-by-side with linked paws. A long claymore stretches over the cats' heads to the right, another claymore runs under their footpaws, to the left.

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