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Place of Origin
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*Bastard Sword
  • Moonwood bow


Kalvar was initiated at a two seasons in to the Rangers of the North. He rose quickly in the ranks until he was their leader.

He soon became a hero himself, driving off the horde of Nortian of Metal, killing Nortian in the process. He is now hunted by and hunter of Dakkar the Shield, the son of Nortian and half-brother of Slagar the Cruel.

He soon learned that Dakkar planned to begin his vengeance by razing Redwall Abbey with his host of 10,000 vermin. Kalvar took ten score of his best warriors to Redwall to defend it, while the rest were left to catch up.

After a short siege in which Dakkar's horde never even took a single wall, Kalvar fought the Warlord himself. Although mortally wounded, he survived and awoke with a new mission from Martin the Warrior himself.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Kalvar stands the height of the average mouse, with light brown fur and a long tail. He's lean and hard of muscle from long seasons of training for battle. His skills are enhanced by his natural agility. He is faster and more flexible than most mice, allowing him to move in ways during combat that others could only dream of. Therefore he only wears light armor, such as leather armor or a light chainmail tunic.

Kalvar is a quiet mouse, but is quite a well spoken creature. He's never known much socialization, like most of the Rangers.


Very fast and agile. Good leader.


Incredibly short fuse. Does not handle threats well, and can be incredibly violent.

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