This story is dedicated to all my friends I had to move away from and all my friends at the new place.

Prologue Edit

Thunder boomed and chain lightning illuminated the dark sky. Rain poured down in torrents. A young ferret sprinted through Mossflower Woods.She could here the sounds of her pursuers coming closer and ran faster. In her paw, she clenched a diamond of unusual porportions. The shouts grew louder; she gritted her teeth as she dashed through the young woods. Branches whipped her face, vines threatened to trip her, sleeting rain blinded her. The ferret snarled as she stumbled, almost dropping the precious jewel. Regaining her balance, she continued cutting through clearings, slipping between trees, somersaulting over ferns. She was faster then any ferret alive, she thought.

A rustle in the treetops could be heard by the ferret. Smirking, she glanced up and gave a slight nod, then hurried onward.

The ferret arrived at the shore of a lake. She rested thankfully. Leaning against a tree, she listened to the cries grow closer. An otter burst out of the trees. The ferret drew her sword. The otter turned to face her, eyes glinting.

"Give me the Eye of Destiny right now, ferret, or by my sling, I'll slay you here and now."

The otter unseathed twin swords. The ferret made as if to throw the diamond, but hurled it into the lake. A vicious pike leaped out of the water and snapped at the gem, swallowing it. Standing defiantly, the ferret lifted her chin.

"Nobeast will ever set eyes upon the Eye of Destiny again, otter."

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