Lainarch the Scourge, other names; Lainarch Coldheart and Lainarch the Wanderer, father of Cluny the Scourge and grandfather of Lupin the Scourge, is a deceased warlord, corsair and explorer. Notably, he is also the first rat of his family to bear the title 'the scourge'

Growing up in Noonvale but fed up of its peaceful atmosphere, at thirteen Lainarch stowed away on a ship called the Maura-Grace where he became a cabin boy, and as the years passed, worked his way up to becoming first mate, then captain. For years, Lainarch toured the islands of the Northern and Western seas, looking for animals to join his barbarian crew. Everything changed when he made a return trip to Noonvale, and met and pursued a rat named Kiya Dawnlight. By the end of the season, they were married and back on the sea, with Kiya pregnant with their first and only child, the eventual Cluny the Scourge. Lainarch would eventually get married six more times along the way. For the next thirty-seven years, Lainarch taught his son the ways of a corsair, as well as the art of swordfighting. By the time Cluny turned thirty-seven, both of his parents were dead and he was fed up with being a corsair and a traveller. It was then that he turned the Maura-Grace east towards Mossflower, where he and his seafaring horde made themselves known as some of the most vicious animals ever to roam the shore.

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