Dalton "Laisrean" O' Riain (O'Ryan)

Nickname pronounciation: LAS rain

Name meaning: Flame

Species: Squirrel  

Gender: Male  

Age: Seven seasons (Fourteen years)  

Coat: dark crimson with a white blaze running down his forehead and an odd, white and gold tip on his tail resembling the flames of a fire.

Eyes: Sea-green

Personality: Laisrean is prone to chewing his claws when anxious, courageous, loves Dibbuns, and has a dread phobia of snakes. An adder almost killed him when he was a Dibbun and his mother killed it before it bit him, before she struck he was actually looking down the snake's throat.

Clothing: He usually wears a forest green and dark brown plaid with a dark brown tunic. 

Weapons: His primary weapon is a small sgian dhu he usually uses as an all-purpose blade, it was his mother's and he keeps it for sentimental reasons.  

Accessories: He wears a small turquoise stone in the shape of a running squirrel on a cord around his neck  

Family and Relationships: Rhavion O'Riain (Mother), Nitalli O'Riain  (Aunt)

Birthplace: (Redwall Abbey or thereabouts) A small drey in the north of Mossflower Woods

Story Edit

Laisrean was never told where his exact birthplace was

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