Name: Larana Pikestryker

Gender: Female

Species: Otter

Nicknames: Stryker (chooses to go by her nickname), Lightning Stryker (by her holt)

Age: (young adult) Between nine to ten seasons (in her mid-twenties)

Weapons: Larana's skilled in paw to paw combat (all four paws and her tail), earning her the nickname "Stryker." In close range combat, Stryker either fights paw to paw, or she brings one of her other two weapons into play, a dirk or claymore.

Appearance: Stryker has a tall, muscular build, dark brown fur and blue eyes.

Clothes: Red tunic, blue and red checked kilt, blue headband, small oakwood ocarina on cord around neck.

Background: Stryker was born in a holt in the Northlands to Skipper Draan Tallrudder and his wife, Kylari. She lived there in joy and peace until she came of age, then she chose to leave and to find her own way, finally joining a holt of her own.

Personality: Stryker's generous, compassionate and loyal to her mates. She'd gladly lay down her own life for a friend if the need ever arose.

Affiliation: Second-In Command of Holt Pikestryker

Affiliation: Holt Pikestryker/Goodbeasts

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After her death, Larana is mentioned in passing by a hare friend of hers, Dronda Pykestryker. Dronda took her last name to honor her otter companion.

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