Levina Araya

Gender: Female

Species: Squirrel

Appearance: A black-furred squirrel in her mid seasons, Araya wears a simple gold coronet with a single diamond-shaped sapphire in the front; the sapphire matches the color of her eyes. She wears a pale green tunic and a light breastplate adorned with her royal standard. The back of her breastplate's chainmail. Over the chainmail, she wears a simple moss-green cloak. Queen Araya's standard, a lightning bolt slashing diagonally across an oak tree, is on her soldiers' and handmaids' tunics as well as her own.

Personality: Araya's a courageous, generous beast and a treewhiffler.

Weapon(s): A bow and quiverful of blue and black flighted arrows and a long dirk

Position: Squirrelqueen of Southsward


1: Catriona Raisha, captain of Queen Araya's personal guard, is a russet-furred, blue-eyed female squirrel in mid-thirties.  

2: Ardis Raisha, a russet-furred, blue-eyed female squirrel of 20, serves beside her elder sister as one of Queen Araya's guards.  

3: Morven Conleth, a russet-furred, gray-eyed female squirrel of 19, has pledged her sling to Queen Araya.  

4: Elspeth Macdara, a chestnut furred, emerald-eyed female squirrel in her early twenties, has pledged her bow and shafts to the queen.  

5: Rhona Nemain, a black-furred, blue-eyed female squirrel in her mid-twenties, is the queen's eldest handmaid and decoy if needed.  

6: Sari Aran, the youngest handmaid of the queen at eighteen, is a gold-furred maid with emerald-green eyes. 

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