Lidora (Wavedog) Galedeep was the wife of Finnbarr, and the mother of Drock and Jetrock Galedeep.

Lidora was attractive, with a slight build, pale, almost copper-colored fur, dark blue eyes, and a dark brown birthmark on her left footpaw.


Finnbarr and Lidora met one summer at a Hullaballoo and became close friends.

Their friendship grew to be much more than that.

Finnbarr always called Lidora the pearl of his heart and later named his galleon, the Pearl Queen, for her. That autumn, before the otter tribes separated until the next Hullaballoo, Finnbarr took Lidora on a walk under the stars away from the holt to the edge of the water and confessed his love for her, a love, she told him, that was as strong as the one she had for him. When the following Hullaballoo came, Finnbarr dropped to one knee and told Lidora what she meant to him, then asked her to marry him. Her response was bursting into happy tears, laughing "Yes", and hugging him tightly.

After asking her, Finnbarr went to Lidora's parents, Corvan and Lamia, told them how much she meant to him and asked them for her paw in marriage.

She and her eldest son, Drock, were killed when Captain Strapp attacked the Pearl Queen.

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