Lupin the Deadly, first mentioned in Son of the Scourge is a searat, and son of the deceased Cluny the Scourge.
Lupin the Scourge2

Lupin the Scourge

Lupin is ambitious, cunning takes no prisoners and shows no mercy. A terror to face in battle, his typical murder tactic is to dismember his victims or painfully spearing and impaling them with the metal spike tied to his tail. His fur is black and appearance, but is riddled with pinkish scars from many battles. Lupin's eyes are yellow-green, and he typically wears a silver earring on one ear and his father's tattered war-cloak. He is a very infamous warlord and like his father, deeply desires to conqeur Redwall abbey. It can be noted that he only has three legs as the result of a border fight.

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