Macaulish Longfang was a male wolverine with a tall, powerful build, dark brown fur and dark, golden yellow eyes. The wolverine's handsome, with an air of mystery about him and a heavy Highland accent. He has a jagged scar down his left cheek, from the corner of his eye to the corner of his jaw.

He wears a dark, blood-red tunic and a woven heather tartan, both kilt and plaid, of dark red and black, his clan's colors. Around his neck on a thong over his heart is a small, sturdy pouch containing three things: a tuft of black fur his sister Kriasha cut from her tail with his dirk and gave him to remember her by, a sprig of dried heather blossoms and a small stone that's shaped like a rough heart.

His chosen weapons are a large, double-pawed claymore, a small Sgian Dhu, a long dirk, and natural defenses.

Personality. Longfang has a fierce, somewhat reckless demeanor; he's a vicious warrior when angered by his enemies. He has a soft side, but he only lets one beast see it, Kriasha.

Background/History. Macaulish's only living family and best friend is his twin sister. Both were born in a comfortable little home in the Highlands to Blackheart and Shreekara Longfang. Their parents were killed in an earthquake, leaving Kriasha in the care of a family friend.

Place of Origin: North Highlands

Battlecry: "Hawaay the braaaaw!"

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