Name: Marida Keenblade

Gender: Female

Species: Otter

Rank: Third-in Command of Holt Pikestryker, "right paw" to Larana Pikestryker

Age: (young adult) Between nine to ten seasons (in her mid-twenties)

Weapons: Marida's weapons are a claymore, a dirk and a Sgian Dhu. For distance fighting, she uses a sling.

Appearance: Marida has tan fur, a short, stocky build, a missing left ear, and dark brown eyes.

Clothes: Green tunic, fishbone bracelet around left paw, sturdy sandals

Background: Marida was born and raised in Southsward, but she travelled to Mossflower by hitching a ride with a shipload of passing hares.

Personality: Marida's compassionate and loyal, she'll defend Holt Pikestryker and Larana to the death if needs be.

Affiliation: Holt Pikestryker/Goodbeasts

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