Abbess Songbreeze Swifteye sat on the walls of Redwall Abbey, Song whirled around to find Dannfloor Reguba standing behind her. He sat beside her and watched the sun set, "how are you doing Dannflower" Song chuckled "I'm not a flower" Dann yelled and turned around and ran off. "ho there, are you a friend or foe" Song shouted out to the figures at the gate, one of them yelled up " It's Log-a-Log Dippler" Song ran to open the door. Dippler and the other Guosim was transported to the cavern hole where they chatted for a time. Dwopple finally called order "order order we need order" Splikker ran forward and blurted word out "we 'ave a issue um there is villan that sunk our logboats" Dippler punched the table "why do our logbouts always get taken?" Dippler sighed.

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