Animal: Squirrel

Place of Origin: Fort Kalgore, a slave compound in the northlands

Gender: Female

Age: six seasons (twelve years)

Weapon (s): Dirk (has a long, finely-honed, double-edged blade and a silver hilt sporting a sapphire pommel stone. The dirk's grip is tightly strapped with hard blue leather; the guard is formed like a crescent moon, its tips pointing away from the handle in the same direction as the blade); sling

Scars, birthmarks: Mayblossom has scars on her back from whips. Many of those scars have come from her jumping between younger and/or weaker slaves and taking whippings for them.

Death: N/A

Books: Will appear in a future Fan Fiction: "Entwined Destinies"

An expert climber, Mayblossom is a pretty maid with coal-black fur, a lean, muscular build and emerald-green eyes.

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