Menkar was the badger who served as Queen Alrescha's assistant. His parents, Lord Skyarrow and Lady Shadeflower, were ambushed early in life, and Menkar was taken prisoner. Bargaining to save their son's life, Skyarrow and Shadeflower let him go to Alrescha, believing they could rescue him. However, Alrescha moved their son to another, secret location, and built a loyal follower. Or so she thought.

Menkar was a good, loyal fighter, never doubting his foster-mother and master. When he was ordered to lead the attack on the squirrels in Kitalpha, he saw Rigel Squirrelking protecting his daughter, something clicked in Menkar, making him think that Alrescha had treated him incorrectly the whole time. He turned on his leader, who attacked and killed him.

His dying words, said to Rigel, were, "Don't forget me." Rigel promised he would not, and left him in the Cavern of Many Deaths.

Later, when Lord Skyarrow was told of Menkar's death, he was overcome with grief, thinking of his son and deceased wife. He then vowed to hunt Alrescha to avenge them.

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