Name: Cyma "Mortifer" Shadowstar O'Callaghan

Species: Mountain Hare

Gender: Female

Appearance/Personality: A lanky hare, she has coal-black fur and emerald-green eyes. Cyma wears a simple black tunic and a black and brown tartan kilt. She has one tattoo on her left forearm, a pair of crossed dirks with two drops of blood falling down where the blades meet each other. Cyma speaks with a strong Highland accent, she was born on the Far North Coast.

Her nickname fits her perfectly, meaning "Bringer of Death."

Cyma's first introduction Edit

Anybeast may think Cyma's a happy-go-lucky, normal hare at first glance, but they're wrong. Cyma was raised by vermin from the time she was a tiny leveret. Cyma's a joking assassin whose daggers seem to appear out of nowhere, her smile never seems to disappear, even when she's making a kill.

Her blood parents, Lyrae O'Callaghan, and his wife, Riza, were killed by a corsair wildcat who went by the name of Nemrack the Shadow, and she was kidnapped and twisted to believe they abandoned her and Nemrack saved her. Nemrack raised her as his own daughter.

She served as a corsair for many seasons aboard Nemrack's galleon Bloodwake, and got her tattoo as an initiation. She rose through ranks rapidly.

Her first weapons were phials of coral snake venom, a sling and stones around her waist, and twin dirks she nicknamed "Reaper and Enforcer." The dirks had matching silver hilts with round amber pommel stones.

Mortifer's journey to Redwall and her vision Edit

Mortifer had a vision of a haremaid wearing a crown of starlight standing beside the Warrior on one side, on the other side of the maid was Salamandastron.  At first she thought "D'ye ken he needs a new branch o' the Patrol created?" But she soon found out she was meant to protect the Abbey.

Her first friend on the journey to Redwall Abbey was Astrix Dawnhammer.

Later, Mortifer became good friends with a squirrel Dibbun, Vanara Elmbright, and later saved her:

The first time Mortifer was ever affected by the Bloodwrath, her victim was a rat named Gromba. Gromba and his weasel companion Wilgo took Vanara hostage and threatened her. Mortifer decapitated Gromba with the Sword of Martin to save Vanara's life.

Character HistoryEdit

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