Darro "Pikewrestler" Rivershot is a large, sinewy male river otter who serves under Skipper Banjon of Redwall Abbey, one of Banjon's most loyal crewmembers. He goes by his nickname more often than he does his real name.

He has dark brown, almost sable fur with a small white star mark on his forehead over his right eye and his face has a few red battle scars. He also has a tattoo on his forearm of an attacking pike.

Pike tattoo by xsiimeenx

His preferred clothes are a brown sleeveless tunic and a barkcloth kilt fastened with a sharkskin belt. Pikewrestler's weaponry includes a javelin and a set of throwing daggers, but his favored weapon is a long claymore, passed down to him through his family.

His first appearance is in Blackrudder's Prophecy.

Pikewrestler was created by WildloughRhulain.

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