Name: Dùibhshíth "Pinetooth" MacBurl

Name meaning: Old Scottish Gaelic name composed of the elements dùbh "black" and síth "peace," hence "black peace."

Species: Squirrel

Gender: Male

Appearance: Pinetooth is a large squirrel with jet black fur and pine-green eyes. He wears a green and tan plaid in both tartan and kilt and a woven brown-green headband with a long pinion feather from a golden eagle tucked securely into the left side over his ear. There's a scar across his face running in an S-shaped arc from the outer corner of his left eye over the bridge of his nose. Some might mistake him for a member of the Gawtrybe at a distance.

Personality: Daring, eccentric, compassionate

Weapons: Basket-hilted claymore, dirk, sgian dhu

Background: Born on the northern borders of Mossflower, Dùibhshíth is a descendant by blood of Rakkety Tam MacBurl. He wields his ancestor's three blades and wears a wooden circle around his neck on a strong cord depicting Tam killing Gulo the Savage. His accent's very faint, it gets stronger as his emotions become more intense. 

Relationships: Has a younger sister named Rhona MacBurl

Affiliation: Helping Goodbeasts, wanting justice for them

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