The weasel Rackorg Vinn lead a group of corsair vermin on his ship, Bloodhelm. Later, the weasel got more corsairs and the ship, Stormshark under his command when he defeated Kovra Silverfang. The corsairs teamed up with the Pineshadows and invaded Redwall Abbey, but they were defeated.

The original corsairs under Rackorg VinnEdit

  • Agrat (first mate)
  • Faggra (boson)
  • Scarnose (lookout)
  • Scumtail
  • Galza

Corsairs under Kovra Silverfang that joined laterEdit

  • Gorv
  • Riphide
  • Muckro
  • Gorrag (slavemaster)
  • Worgutt (lookout)


  • Dinzog
  • Thramba
  • Blueclaw

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