Raica (ray-ka) Wavedog was the mother of Kroova Wavedog. She and her husband Jayron tried to escape Green Isle and the cats with their baby son on a little skiff, the Wakeryder, but when the ship landed at Mossflower they were caught. Jayron fought to let Raica escape and got killed. Raica caught a spear between the shoulderblades, her last act before she died was to hide Kroova in some rocks by the sea and run inland. The cats never found Kroova.

Ould Zillo knows the tale about the day the bodies of the slaves were brought back, but no sign of baby Kroova.

The otters started fighting against the cats the day after they heard about this.

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Raica was created by --Tiria Wildlough Hrusclean Ee aye eeeh!! 22:22, October 8, 2015 (UTC)

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