Desdemona "Rakefang" MacLaith appears as an antagonist in The Quean and The Rhulain.

A black fox, she's loyal to the Sable Quean and her horde. She's one of Vilaya's captains. Rakefang has a tall, muscular build, ice-cold blue eyes and longer-than-usual fangs, giving her her nickname.

She's one of the Ravagers ordered to Redwall Abbey by Vilaya, but she and a smaller group mutiny and go west to Green Isle under Liem Amarin's command. She helps Amarin with his capture of the ottercubs.

She despises Radlo, feeling she should be Vilaya's right paw instead because the ferret wormed her way into Vilaya's good graces without really doing anything to earn it.

Her former captain was Iago Branvin.

Rakefang's mate is Redburn. The pair met in the Waltzing Ferret pub after the incident with Vilaya.

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