Ok a bit of backstory before we start

Redflash is based on the question "What if Chickenhound didn't get bitten by Asmodeus?" This is the answer.


Chapter 1

Redflash the fox sat in his tent fondling the sword he had just stolen from the badger mountain of Salamandastron. Redflash was the leader of a band of robber foxes. His band numbered only six in all but there was nowhere they couldn't steal from, they were the best thieves in all of Mossflower and they were determined to prove it. His second in command Ruman entered the tent "Deathpaw is getting restless again sir" he said "He said if we don't find someone to kill for him soon he's leaving the band"

"He's had his kills before has he not? He has proved a most reliable assassin"

"He said that there's no need for him here because we're too good to need anyone assassinated"

"This is true, no-one in Mossflower knows of our presence"

"Are you sure that is a good thing?"

Redflash looked up at Ruman "What do you mean?" he asked

"When you first met us you said you wanted us to be a feared group"

"Then we will have to do something fearsome"

"Like what"

"Ah Ruman, If I told you then I'd have to kill you" He gave Ruman a dangerous smile

"Very well sir, what about Deathpaw?"

"I shall need him very soon, tell him that"

"Yes sir"

When Ruman had gone Redflash opened a secret compartment of his bed and took out his secret plans "If they want us to be famous so be it, nothing will give us more fame than destroying Redwall abbey!"

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