Rigel's Band was a group of travelers mostly from Kitalpha. It consisted of all squirrels except an otter from Redwall Abbey. They were bound for Salamandastron for safety from Queen Alrescha.

There was some debate over who would lead the group, but in the end, Rigel Squirrelking was voted leader, thus giving the group it's name. Another leading factor was that once they reached Salamandastron, the only remaining members were Hollyfire, Rigel, and Reedwater Carlson.

Known members of Rigel's band include:

  • Rigel Squirrelking, leader, survivor
  • Reedwater Carlson, deputy (otter), survivor
  • Hollyfire Squirrelqueen, leader's daughter, survivor
  • Arietis Mistmint, healer, slain by Skipper
  • Ivy, Dibbun
  • Kaylie, Dibbun
  • Hope, Dibbun
  • Morning, Mother
  • Moonshine, Father
  • River, helper to the leader
  • Pine, scout

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