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The Romankai Empire is a ruthless Dictatorship ruled by Warlord Decroi Lynx located in the East Continent. They plan to conquer the world and enslave the innocents of the woodlands. The Empire's main species consist of Wolves, Rats, Foxes, Hyenas, Coyotes, Weasels and Stoats. 

The Empire's HistoryEdit

The History of the Empire was that it was once a city state northwest of the East continent that was warlike and power hungry. Then Decroi Lynx overpowered the aristocrats and stole their slaves and made them his slaves.

Then they planned to conquer the Woodlands and other continents.



The Government is dominated by the military which the person in charge of the Military is a Warlord. The current warlord is a Lynx named Decroi who is ruthless, brutal and cruel to his people and slaves. The peasants never lived happy as they were constantly being attacked by the cruel Military and even suffering diseases.


The Slavery of the Empire is a brute and savage way of enslaving people. The Empire makes its slaves work as forced labor and even kill the slaves by making them dig their own graves and shooting them with crossbows. They even attack their slaves' loved ones until they die a painful death.



One of the Foot Soldiers of the Empire

The Military consists of Rats, Wolves, Weasels, Foxes, Stoats, Coyotes, and Hyenas wearing Ninja-Pirate suits.

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