Sabine Wildlough was the wife of Skipper Banjon Wildlough (WR) and the mother of Tiria Wildlough (WR). She died while giving birth to Tiria, Tiria was born with the umbilical cord around her neck, not breathing. In Sabine's panic, she tried to jump up to help her cub and began hemorrhaging. Knowing the healers could only save one of them, she ordered them to save her baby instead. Her last words to Banjon were telling him she loved them both and always would.

She appeared to Tiria in a vision along with Martin the Warrior when Tiria was in Althier.

Tiria honored her mother when she named her first daughter, Sabine Shellhound.

Notes Edit

I got the idea that her mother died in childbirth after I read Banjon's line in chapter 4 of The High Rhulain: "I wish yore mamma had lived to see ye now, gel." - WildloughRhulain

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