Skarvanda the Brutal, or The Vicious One, or Queen Skarvanda, was a wolverine, and Queen of The Land of Eternal Ice. She lived in the ice castle that was later the fortress of Dramz and his sons: Gulo the Savage and Askor. She was also the sister of an unnamed female wolverine who was the mother of Dramz, thus making her the aunt of Dramz. She was the owner of The Walking Stone, which was how Skarvanda's sister knew her sister was dead. She was succeeded in power by her nephew Dramz. Skarvanda, as wolverines are, was not very intelligent, and most of her battle planning was done by Captain Kandrol. She was also the bitter enemy of Urgan Lukros, who was the final descendant Urgan the wolf.(The Bellmaker) In her final battle with the wolf, she threw him up over the battlements, killing him. She briefly enslaved Melesme, causing her father, Lord Lonna Bowstripe of Salamandastron, to have to come and rescue her. The badger and the wolverine battled until eventually Lonna had to throw the Queen's ice throne upon her head, crushing it. She was the second-to-last wolverine to own The Walking Stone.

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