Skyvar the Slavemaster (Skyvar the Sly)
Place of Origin
Unknown: possibly the same as Nimrak the Deathly
Rapier, dagger, whip, and whatever is close to hand
Speed, agility, excellent weapon wielder
Legend of Tyvan

Skyvar the Slavemaster (later Skyvar the Sly) was the feared slavemaster of Nimrak the Deathly's army, and the main antagonist of Legend of Tyvan.  He is an excellent weapon wielder, and is extremely agile and speedy. A commanding slavemaster, Skyvar will stop at nothing to strike fear into the hearts of his slave. He wishes to get rich from the artifacts the slaves dig up. He later betrays Nimrak after finding fake jewels in the walls, and sets a group with two other lizards, Modagorus and Sevar. He follows them into the Great Crystal Cave Kingdom and slays Breakback Fenten, taking his place as ruler. In the process, a battle starts between the heroes and his new wolverine army. Later betraying his companion, he buries Sevar with rocks, but is then inadvertly buried himself in the process of taunting Sevar. He is later revealed to be alive, but weak, in the epilogue.


Skyvar is a fairly large monitor green monitor lizard, with black eyes, and a long rapier and dagger. Formerly a brutish slavemaster, he puts this aside for a better result. Skyvar is a cunning, intelligent lizard with a knack for seeing out future events. He will discard unneeded teammates, usually killing them as with Kota, Sevar, and an attempt for Modagorus. He is violent and holds grudges for a long time. Skyvar is generally impatient, though he will wait as long as things end up going his way. A capable fighter, Skyvar wields a rapier very nicely, and will use anything else he can get. He will flee if things get out of hand, though. Persistent, deadly, and sly, Skyvar is a lizard that cements his place in Legend Of Tyvan.

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