Place of Origin
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Slingstones, Fysorah disease

Past After He Left RedwallEdit

Stonedusk Lightflames was a male otter in Hollyfire53's fan fiction story Hollyfire's Tale. He was the adopted son of Skipper of Redwall, and the real brother of Reedwater Carlson. He was formerly known as Carlson.

Carlson went missing from Redwall Abbey shortly after he arrived. In truth, he had gotten pangs of a mental disease called Fysoroh {pronounced Fie-so-rah} (which is not real) which causes you to blindly run to where ever you feel needed. At times you may get slivers of the Bloodwrath, and you also find yourself becoming a warrior without any real training.

Carlson arrived in time to aid Holt Lightflames in their battle against a group of vermin. Carlson was elected leader of the Holt, and, to follow tradition, changed his name to Stonedusk Lightflames.

Later, after Rigel's band gets caught in a rainstorm, Stonedusk helps them to safety. While he offers Reedwater a quiet place to live, she declines until her mission is complete. Later, Reedwater returns to the Holt, and the two live out their lives together.

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